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creative title is creative.

anyway- hey guys! it's been a while.

first, i want to apologize for this journal 'cause it's probably gonna be hella long and since i don't want to bore you guys much, i'll separate it in different parts, so y'all can just skip to the parts you wanna read and/or are interested in.

here are ze parts:

part 1: to my dear watchers/readers.
         1.1: thank you.
         1.2: to those that are still waiting for more parts of my troll x troll!reader series.
         1.3: to those that ask for stories aka requests.

part 2: about stories and more.
         2.1: rewriting some stories.
         2.2: anime/games i'm really into now.
         2.3: requests
         2.4: surprise!

part 1:
1.1: thank you

i want to start by thanking you guys. i want to thank everyone that has supported me so much; to those that still wait for my stories, even though i don't post often; to those that still care. i love you guys.
my last journal was about why i hadn't been posting lately, and you guys showed me so much support. i really appreciate it.
i have no idea how to thank you all, but believe me when i say- i'm super grateful. your guys' support and encouragement kept me going, and somehow, i didn't give up on writing. it took a while to start again, but with your guys' support and my dear moirail's, i was able to start again. i'm glad i didn't give up.
again, thank you. i love you all <3
and of course- thank you to all my new watchers! i'm sorry for not thanking you individually, but believe me when i say that i'm really grateful! we might not know each other, but i love you all! thank you for watching me and i hope you'll continue to enjoy my stories!

part 1:
1.2: to those that are still waiting for more parts of my troll x troll!reader series.

i appreciate the fact that people still read this series, even though they're badly written and relatively old. thank you, really.
i'm sure i've mentioned this before in multiple journals, but i'll say it again, and i'll be sure to add it to the description of the series:
i am NOT writing more for this series.
like i've mentioned before, i've lost interest in this series. i will not continue them, and if i ever write more, it won't be soon. maybe i'll consider rewriting them, but i won't promise anything.
i'm glad people enjoy the series, really, but i'm getting somewhat tired of repeating the same thing over and over again. i hope i'm not sounding rude or anything, it's just...i thought it was pretty obvious by now that i won't write more chapters for it.
again, thank you for reading them, but i'm sorry- i won't write any more chapters.

part 1:
1.3: to those that ask for stories aka requests.

i'm glad people still like my stories enough to do requests, i really am.
but perhaps before requesting something in a random story's comment section, could you please take a look at my profile page and see the little stamps below the 'current status' thing? i put the 'requests are closed' stamp there for a reason. i appreciate people requesting stories, but i would appreciate it even more if they just looked at the stamp and...waited for me to open them? i'm sorry, it just gets kind of...old? i have nothing against the people who ask for requests in the comment section of random stories, really, i don't! it just...i don't know, gets kinda...repetitive? having to say no again and again.
anyway, regarding the requests: i will talk about them a little later on this journal, so if y'all want to skip ahead, do so!

part 2:
2.1: rewriting some stories.
okay, so, let's start with this!
i've been looking at many of my old stories and i thought: hey, why not rewrite some?
i've actually deleted some, i believe, that i didn't like much/at all. if i deleted any that you guys enjoyed, i apologize. i didn't like them, so i deleted them. they just didn't look good in my eyes.
as you've probably noticed, i started rewriting my first series ( shimeji!romano x reader ) and i've only published the first chapter. i...actually lost the second one when i was half finished, so i'll have to rewrite the second chapter again. sorry =w=''
anyway, i've also rewritten a dave x reader ( truthful lies ) and it will have two parts ( one more on reader's side and the second one more on dave's side ). anyway, if any of you wish to read the original one, you can do so here!
i shall rewrite more in the future, and i will make a list, too. so...yeah! i hope you enjoy the new versions <3

part 2:
2.2: anime/games i'm really into now.
ok, let's start with:
boku no hero academia.
i actually thought this anime was going to be super silly and all but i have to say
i was mistaken.
this anime has to be one of the greatest i've ever watched, and the manga is AWESOME too.
kacchan is bae. izuku is bae. all might is bae. everyone is bae.
i REALLY like this anime, and i'll surely write stories for it soon!

i'm sure you've heard of it before.
at first, i wasn't really interested in it, but oh boy, am i interested now.
i have so many baes i don't even know.
leon and fuyuhiko are my main baes tho.
either way, i LOVE the games and i will write stories. i will. really, i will.

persona ( persona 3 the most right now )
i had heard of the games before, but i never really got into it before this classmate of mine ( an ass ) told me about them and that he was sure i would like them.
his description got me interested so i decided to try out persona 3 (portable).
and jesus christ is this game AWESOME.
the characters are lovely. the story is lovely.
and you know it's serious when you literally fall in love with death itself.
well, maybe that's just my case, but either way-
i love persona and i definitely will write some stories for it, too!
shinjiro and ryoji are baes and nobody can tell me otherwise

and im pretty sure that's it for now! there are lots of animes and games i love, but right now, these are the ones i'm REALLY into right now.

part 2:
2.3: requests
to those that wish to request a story, i shall say that i will indeed open requests again, but i will have only some spots open...perhaps around 5 or 6 of them.
there was a time when i accepted too many requests and it kind of tired me out, so this time, i will only have some spots open for requests.
i should open them around July 1st, so if you wish to make a request, be sure to go to the picture that i will post saying 'requests' and comment on it, asking for a spot.
but please know that i will only accept requests that are reader inserts and that are with characters that i either have written for before or that i know. i will not write for characters from animes or games or whatever it is that i don't recognize. i will post a little list of the animes/games/etc. that i know and/or like on the description so that you guys have an idea of what i will write for!

part 2:
2.4: surprise!
okay so like,
as i'm sure you guys have noticed by now,
i really like video games.
league of legends, pokemon, harvest moon, tokimeki memorial, persona, danganronpa, osu!, atelier annie- lots and lots.
and honestly, i've always wanted to create my own games. games with my own story, my own characters- my own games.
and one fateful day, i discovered an easy way to create games. well, visual novels, to be precise.
and i'm happy to say that


i'm making my own game!
well, games, actually. a series of about 12 games.
i'm working on the first one right now with a friend of mine, and so far, i'm really happy with it!
sure, it'll take a while to code it and write the story and the phrases and draw everything, but still...
i'm super excited!
i'm not sure if you guys will like it or even be interested, but...i just wanted to point it out, because i'll make sure to post about it often! perhaps publish a demo for people to play or something, or just simply asking some people to try it out before i officially publish it.
it will be 100% free, 'cause honestly, i don't really want to ask for money. it didn't work out very well with commissions and i'm afraid people will buy it and be dissapointed or something-
soooo, it shall be free!
if anyone is interested in knowing about it or helping out with something, i would be super happy! no one has to help, tho, if they don't wish to <3
anyway, i hope you guys will play it or something when it comes out.


anyway, that's about it! perhaps i'll write another journal soon, one a little more...personal.

i hope that you all have a great day!

i love you all <3

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