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May 14
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Signless X Troll!Reader X Karkat


Red blood covered orbs looked around.

This is it.

There was no going back.

This was his fate, and he accepted it.

He fought for his ideals and this is what he got in the end.

It wasn’t a happy ending, that’s for sure.

But at least he knew.

He knew he gave it all he had.

But not in everything.

He didn’t get the time to confess his true feelings to her.

He knew she felt the same way, but they never confessed face-to-face.

He was literally forced into a Matespritship he didn’t completely accept.

He wanted her.

Only her, nobody else.

But it was too late now.

They were forcing everyone to watch.

Forcing a mother to watch her son die.

Forcing the ones who loved him watch him die.

He loved his mother. He loved his matesprit.

But he loved her the most.

But what could he do now?

Only lie there, handcuffed and bleeding terribly, waiting for his end.

He looked at her.

He felt like a sharp glass was pierced in his chest.

A sharp pain. Not physical.

She was crying.

That hurt him the most.

He didn’t want her to watch him like that.

He didn’t want her to cry and be hurt.

So he smiled.

But that didn’t stop the troll from crying.

He tried to call for her, but he felt like if he did, he was going to cry himself.

He looked down, no, he couldn’t let her watch him cry.

That didn’t stop one from helping him.

He looked wide eyed as his formal matesprit forced her close to him, smiling.

He couldn’t believe the hurt look on his formal matesprit’s face, but he felt happy, thankful, at least.

She came closer.

He smiled again.

Even crying, she was the most beautiful in his eyes.

The most precious.

But he knew it was now or never.

Feeling like tears were threatening to fall, he grinned.

“Heh, t-this isn’t the best time to say this…But…

…I feel deeply Red for you, (Y/n). My feelings surpass any other troll’s, and I couldn’t keep them in forever…B-But I guess it’s too late now, heh…


Interrupted by soft, wet lips smashing into his, he closed his eyes.

He was truly happy now.

As she pulled back, he felt his face wet. He was now crying like she was.

Words couldn’t come out the troll’s mouth, but he knew what she wanted to say.

He smiled once again.

“…Go now…It’s better if you’re not around when it happens. But before you go…Don’t worry.

We’ll meet again. Someday, not soon, I hope, heh. Go now.

I’ll see you later…”

She went.

But he knew he would meet her again.

Someday…In another life.

“(Y/n), what the fuck are you reading?”

The troll looked at the other, smiling.

“Just reading about our ancestors’ story, Karkat.

…I’m sad they didn’t stay together in the end…”

Karkat rolled his eyes, sighing.

“They did, and they do.”

(Y/n) raised an eyebrow.

“How so?”

Karkat sat beside the troll on her sofa, an arm around her shoulders.

“Because we are together, you shit. So they are as well.


I'm going to try and publish at least one/two short stories like this one everyday. The requests should be done at the weekends.

Hope you enjoy this one!

I don't own Homestuck and its characters. I don't own (troll)you nor the image.
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