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January 13
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“Kanaya are you sure?”

“Yes, dear, I am.”

“B-But, Kanaya, he’s been avoiding me recently…”

“(Y/n), Darling, you can’t say you don’t want to do it.”

“…Ok fine, I want to do it.”

(Y/n) was talking to Kanaya about how Karkat was ignoring her, and Kanaya told her to do a simple thing. Now, what could it be?

Kanaya smiled and patted (Y/n)’s head.

“Now dear, I will call Karkat to come over, then our plan with begin, ok?”

(Y/n) nodded, but she wasn’t sure if it would work.

She hoped it would.




“K-Karkat *sniff*”

Wha- Kanaya, are you fucking crying?”

P-Please Karkat, come here! I d-don’t have anyone else to call!...Please!...”

Okay okay! *shuffle shuffle* Wait right there and don’t you FUCKING go anywhere else, do you get me? I’ll be right there in a sec!”

And he hung up.

Kanaya grinned to herself and chuckled.

“He fell for it.”


Karkat knocked loudly in the door.

“Kanaya, open the fucking door!”

But nobody came.

He tsked and rolled the doorknob, finding the door open.

He pushed it and looked around.

“Kanayaaaa? Where the fuck are yooooou?”

He entered and closed the door, locking it. He threw his bag to the floor and searched for Kanaya.

He went to the kitchen and nobody was there.

He then went to her bedroom, finding it locked.

He went to the bathroom and again, nobody was there.

He went to the living room. Empty. He opened the big glass door, entering the pretty garden. He closed the door and looked around.


Then he heard some rustling. He looked at the direction and snarled.

“Kanaya, seriously, this isn’t funny! Get the fuck o-AAAH!”

He felt someone tackle him from behind, arms wrapping around his torso.

He turned his face and his eyes widened, his cheeks becoming painted red.

The person didn’t lift her head, showing only her hair at the grumpy troll. Her hands went to Karkat’s sides and suddenly, her fingers moved, tickling Karkat.

Karkat gasped and covered his mouth with one hand. The other tried to pry the girl’s hands away.

“(Y-Y/n), stop thaaat!” He said, his voice muffling.

(Y/n) looked up at him and grinned.

“I won’t stop until you tell me why you’ve been ignoring me!”

Karkat closed his eyes and tried to pry (Y/n)’s hands faster, but he couldn’t do it with only one hand.

“No way, leave me the fuck alone!!!”

But (Y/n) didn’t do it. She kept tickling him. Karkat eventually couldn’t take it anymore and burst into laughter. His hand left his mouth and grabbed (Y/n)’s hands, pushing her slowly to the wall.

Karkat’s face was all red. He was panting and his eyes were almost closed, looking at (Y/n) with blurry eyes.

“Y-you…Little…Shit…How d-dare you do this to me…”

(Y/n) looked down, frowning.

“I just…I just wanted to know the reason you kept ignoring me…I asked Kanaya for help…I…missed you, you know…”

Karkat took a deep breath and sighed, opening his eyes completely, looking at (Y/n).

“Do you really want to know the reason?”

(Y/n) nodded. Karkat nodded and took another deep breath.

“Then raise your fucking head, idiot.”

(Y/n) slowly raised her head, her eyes widening when she felt lips crashing into hers. The kiss was quick, Karkat pulling away.

“There, my fucking reason. As you humans say, I fucking fell in love with you, idiot. And I was and am sure that you don’t feel the same, so there.”

(Y/n) giggled and gave Karkat a quick kiss, surprising him.

“There’s where you’re wrong, Karkles. As you trolls say, I’m red for you~~.”

“…Are you serious?...”

(Y/n) nodded and Karkat laughed happily, hugging her close.

“Awesome!...I m-mean.” He said, pulling her away and looking to the side. “…I guess we’re Matesprits now.”

(Y/n) chuckled and nodded, placing her hands in Karkat’s sided again.

“Love you, Kittycat.” She said, tickling him again.

Karkat hold his laughter and ran away.  “You’ll never catch me! And I’m fucking red for you too!”

(Y/n) laughed and ran after him, her hands prepared to tickle him more and more.

And meanwhile, Kanaya watched with a smile on her face.
This is so short...SORRY.

This was a request from :iconmissmagicalwolf: Hope you like it!

I don't own Karkat and Kanaya(Homestuck). I don't own you nor the image.
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